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Should we worry about China?

Investors struggle with bubbles. Sure, we know they eventually burst, but lessons are quickly forgotten. Now China is a puzzle: it might look like a bubble, but what to do? Uncontrolled Yen devaluation could break China’s Renminbi peg and trigger more global deflation. But, timing and is hard to assess. Analysts and the press pay […]

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Will China be sucked into the currency wars?

Currencies are fast becoming 2015’s big investment risk. A factor once largely ignored can now make or break performance. Already, sharp moves this year in the Swiss Franc and Euro have hit some funds hard. But, do investors get enough information from managers about the risks being run? Although many funds do not hedge, monthly […]

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Smart beta investing and the seduction of labels

Smart beta is an impressive investment branding story. The name neatly encapsulates the idea of beating conventional indices consistently, but with little effort and much lower costs. Intellectually seductive, it conveys the concept of market exposure that avoids the costs and behavioural failures of active managers. And simultaneously it gives the impression of an edge […]

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