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Risks for blue chips: Disruption for supermarkets, banks, autos & big oil

Results of most for the third quarter are coming in ahead of City forecasts. But it is the exceptions, such as Tesco and Morrisons, that have grabbed more attention. Headlines have focused on accusations of poor management and governance failure, and the deeper long-term problem has been largely overlooked. It is clear that some industries […]

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Why do the biggest companies disappoint on governance?

Tesco’s high profile failure reveals the interaction between incentives, failed strategy and governance. Unfortunately, despite hiring what should be the best non-executives, the record shows the biggest companies have more governance blow-ups. What is it about the way that big businesses operate that makes them more accident-prone, not less? Even the investors lucky enough not […]

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2012 Market Outlook; challenges in retail sector

Not all investors have enjoyed the year’s strong start. For short sellers, it has been a painful month, with some sectors like retail seeing a sharp price squeeze. Few tears will be shed for their plight. But, perhaps we should worry. The market needs efficient stock pricing and liquidity. Short sellers often have a key […]

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