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Finding true growth – how some businesses fake it

Is it really so easy to separate growth and value investment styles? Growth in particular is a challenging concept this year.  Investors should think harder about what it means.  Genuine cash generative growth is valuable, but rare. Investors need to know how to spot it and what they should pay for it. Often, analysts need […]

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Value investing should be about business resilience

Investing style is how investors typically make sense of their portfolios. Emphasis can be on big or small companies, and labelled as “growth” or “value”. Each person’s style preference will fit their longer term goals, or even just match their own personality or attitude to risk. Investors can gain from clear thinking about style. Unfortunately, […]

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“Quality stocks” give false comfort

Quality is a word investment managers love.  How often do we hear a period of underperformance explained as “quality stocks were out of favour”. Or, “the managers will focus on quality stocks to recover performance”.  Clients seem reassured by the notion that it is somehow the market’s fault for failing to recognise real value and […]

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