I’m a UK based institutional investor researching, writing and lecturing on behavioural finance. I write and present on practical aspects of the ways that psychology impacts investing.

“Like many investors, I once focused entirely on fundamental analysis, and believed that investors behaved rationally. But, it became clear that this did not fully explain market behaviour. Research showed that share price volatility was far in excess of changes in fundamental information, with many price moves lacking fundamental explanation. Behavioural finance finally established the close links between share patterns and the psychology of individuals and sociology of crowds.

I believe that understanding the contribution of human psychology to stockmarket behaviour can assist investment performance.”

My articles are in Citywire (behavioural finance column), Financial News (op ed on industry topics) and the Herald (personal finance). I also speak on BBC TV and radio, CNBC and Bloomberg. I also write for Enterprising Investor, the CFA Institute site.

I am an Honorary Professor at Heriot Watt University, lecturing in behavioural finance.  I am a regular member of CFA Institute and a Fellow of CFA UK.  I am also a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and a Chartered Fellow of CISI. The views expressed in this website are personal.



The views set forth in this website are the opinions of the author alone and may not represent the views of any firm or entity with whom he is affiliated. Data and content provided are for information, education, and non-commercial purposes only. Articles and information do not represent personalised investment advice and are limited to the dissemination of opinions on investing. No reader should construe these opinions as an offer of investment services.  The author had no business relationship with any company mentioned in his articles at the time of publication other than any client interests specifically disclosed.

Investors should note that capital is at risk in stockmarket investments and investment funds.

Terms of Use:

Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk. In most cases, the copyright on material on this website is held by us. You may make non-commercial use of that material provided the source and author are acknowledged.

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  1. dear Mr Mc Lean,

    Please allow me to introduce myself.
    My name is Alex Spiroglou and I am the chairman of the UK Chapter of the Market Technicians Association (www.MTA.org)

    I would appreciate if you could please contact me regarding a potential presentation opportunity in London.

    kindest regards
    Alex Spiroglou

  2. check link on this page – appears to have been hacked

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