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Mixed signals for 2016; deflation still the global risk

Investors enter 2016 divided on outlook: economic signals are mixed. The global economy is out of sync; with growth in the UK and US, but a slowdown in the developing world. How should investors position for the year ahead? Investors who were under-weight in oil, mining and industrials in 2015 might be forgiven for feeling […]

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Why are commodities over-represented in indices?

Do investors have an outdate view of commodities? Far from helping to diversify portfolios, or representing a tangible way to benefit from economic growth, commodities have become volatile financial plays. A misguided view of the nature of these assets has resulted in them being over-represented in indices. Indeed, many passive investors may be surprised to […]

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Need for Regulation on the Conflicts in Banks’ Growing Role in Commodities

There is a clear danger in allowing major financial institutions to dominate both commodity derivatives markets and the related cash commodities. Now, the growing involvement of banks in commodities markets is finally being placed under the microscope. Next month the US Federal Reserve is expected to report on whether it will allow US banks to […]

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